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Recurrent nerve palsy after thyroid operations-principal nerve identification and a literature review.
Recurrent nerve palsy and hypocalcemia after surgery of benign thyroid disease.
Laryngeal recurrent nerve injury in surgery for benign throid diseases: Effect of nerve dissection and impact of individual surgeon in more than 27,000 nerves at risk.
These authors reported that unilateral exploration produced a lower incidence of morbid postoperative hypocalcemia and recurrent nerve injury, caused less destruction of tissue planes, and required a shorter operating time.
Limiting the extent of neck exploration reduces the incidence of trauma to the normal parathyroids and recurrent nerves and lowers the incidence of permanent hypoparathyroidsm to near zero.
The toxin can be used for the treatment of recurrent laryngeal granulomata, as an adjunctive treatment for arytenoid dislocation, and for the management of laryngeal synkinesis associated with reinnervation after recurrent nerve paralysis.
Identification and isolation of the recurrent nerve is indicated in this procedure.
Therefore many types of lesions along the branches of cranial nerve X pathway particularly the laryngeal recurrent nerves may result in paralysis of the vocal cord.

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