Red Jacket

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Red Jacket,

c.1758–1830, chief of the Seneca, b. probably Seneca co., N.Y. His Native American name was Otetiani, changed to Sagoyewatha when he became a chief. His English name came from the British redcoat he wore as an ally of the English in the American Revolution. He had an excellent memory and was articulate and skillful in dealing with the whites, but he was accused of cowardice by other Native American leaders in active warfare. At a Native American conference (1786) at the mouth of the Detroit River, Red Jacket urged the continuance of hostilities against the whites, but in later years he attempted to make peace with the U.S. government. He was one of the Native American chiefs who visited President George Washington in 1792. In the War of 1812 he influenced his people to support the United States. An ardent advocate of the Native American mode of life, he resisted the introduction of white customs, especially Christianity and the work of the missionaries. Late in his life the growth of Christianity among Native Americans and opposition to his policies resulted in his being deposed as chief, but he appealed to the government, defended himself before a tribal council, and was restored.
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In the third heat Clonbrin Show in the red jacket is my choice while in the final heat Siesta Frisby should get back to winning ways with a clear run.
She was wearing a clown costume, with red jacket, black and white stripped trousers with multi-coloured tassels and oversized shoes.
Frank Harvey's Agamemnan has topped the rankings so far in the event and carries his unbeaten Irish record into the opening heat where he will wear the red jacket.
Dressed in a red jacket and black ski salopettes, Kate joked with Prince Harry as they headed for the slopes.
The second was dark skinned, 15-years-old, wearing a red jacket with a sports logo.
The second woman also had dark hair and was wearing a red jacket and dark trousers.
Statistics do prove the theory, but it is still likely that Rough Event will go off a hot favourite to carry the red jacket to victory in the final of the Droopys Scholes Unraced Puppy there tonight.
The girl has told police that the man was wearing a red jacket, was older than a teenager and spoke with a foreign accent.
He was wearing a red golfing visor with the letters NY, a red jacket and blue jeans.
He wears the red jacket in this contest and can lead Mustang Okee and Jesceda Lad into the final.