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Span. reducciones, settlements of indigenous peoples in colonial Latin America, founded (beginning in 1609) to utilize efficiently native labor and to teach the natives the ways of Spanish life. Best known were those established by the Jesuits in old Paraguay (many of them in present-day Argentina)—about 30 among the GuaraníGuaraní
, indigenous group living in the eastern lowland area of South America, related to the Tupí of the Rio São Francisco and the Tupinambá on the Atlantic coast.
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 and about 7 in the Chaco wilderness. Each Jesuit reduction was directed by two priests, a spiritual overseer and an administrator; their rule was absolute but usually benevolent. The missions prospered in agriculture, trade, and manufactures, and printed thousands of volumes, contributing greatly to geographic and scientific knowledge about South America. Some reductions were established and run by civil authorities.
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There is always a reduction," Aynesworth reminded her, "for what is called good conduct.
Furthermore, when the expense of the maintenance of armed guards over the pest-house, day and night, throughout the years, is considered, Walter Merritt Emory could have saved many thousands of dollars to the tax-payers of the city and county of San Francisco, which thousands of dollars, had they been spent otherwise, could have been diverted to the reduction of the notorious crowding in school-rooms, to purer milk for the babies of the poor, or to an increase of breathing-space in the park system for the people of the stifling ghetto.
By this system of taxation, each individual tax-payer pays less in reality, while the State receives more, and consumers profit by a vast reduction in the price of things which the State releases from its perpetual and harassing interference.
Those persons who study writing as an art are probably the only persons who can measure the vast distance which separates a conception as it exists in the mind from the reduction of that conception to form and shape in words.
That they came at all times and seasons--that they dined there one day, supped the next, dined again on the next, and were constantly to and fro on all--that they made parties to visit public places, and met by accident at lounges--that upon all these occasions Miss Nickleby was exposed to the constant and unremitting persecution of Sir Mulberry Hawk, who now began to feel his character, even in the estimation of his two dependants, involved in the successful reduction of her pride--that she had no intervals of peace or rest, except at those hours when she could sit in her solitary room, and weep over the trials of the day--all these were consequences naturally flowing from the well-laid plans of Sir Mulberry, and their able execution by the auxiliaries, Pyke and Pluck.
This state of the eyes is probably due to gradual reduction from disuse, but aided perhaps by natural selection.
Few smelting-furnaces are now at work in any part of Chile; it is found more profitable, on account of the extreme scarcity of firewood, and from the Chilian method of reduction being so unskilful, to ship the ore for Swansea.
But this reduction of art to strict order and decorum, it should be clear, was quite in accord with the whole spirit of the time.
We know when spring is coming by the reduction in his figure.
We only know in part how to reduce physiology to chemistry, but we know enough to make it likely that the reduction is possible.
He felt so mirthful that, contrary to his rules, he made a reduction in his terms to the haggling lady, and gave up catching moths, finally deciding that next winter he must have the furniture covered with velvet, like Sigonin's.
Raffles wrote, as he had telegraphed, from Bremen; and I gathered that the personal use of some little influence with the authorities there had resulted in a material reduction in our fares.