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1. a place where registers are kept, such as the part of a church where the bride and groom sign a register after a wedding
2. the registration of a ship's country of origin
3. another word for registration


The configuration database in all 32-bit versions of Windows that contains settings for the hardware and software in the PC it is installed in. The Registry is made up of the SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT files. Many settings previously stored in the WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI files in 16-bit Windows (Windows 3.x) are in the Registry.

The Registry can be edited directly, but that is usually only done for very technical enhancements or as a last resort. Routine access is done via the Control Panels in My Computer or any Properties menu. Right clicking almost every icon in Windows brings you the Properties menu for that object. A PC with many applications that has been used for a while can easily have a hundred thousand or more Registry entries. See Win Registry and Registry cleaner.
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