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(1) A group of rules that determines the work procedures of state bodies, institutions, and organizations. An example would be the General Regulations for State Collegia (1720), included in the Petrine Regulations.

(2) Procedures for conducting sittings, meetings, conferences, sessions, and congresses of representative bodies. An example would be the regulations governing joint and separate sessions of the chambers of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

(3) The name of certain acts adopted by international congresses and conferences. An example would be the Vienna Regulations of 1815.

(4) A code of rules, permanent or temporary, that governs the internal organization and activity of a chamber or a unicameral legislative body and that also governs the legal status of a deputy. Rules are passed by chambers in accordance with principles and other prescriptions that are contained in constitutions, constitutional laws, and organic laws. Therefore, rules can only be repealed by agencies that carry out constitutional supervision. Special committees that monitor the observance of regulations are usually formed in governmental chambers.

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Net value approach: The proposed regulations provide that a disregarded entity's payment obligation for which a partner is treated as bearing the economic risk of loss is taken into account only to the extent of the disregarded entity's net value.
To implement this adjustment, the 1991 proposed regulations required taxpayers to maintain both equity and basis pools.
The IOM committee found that only 18 regulations meeting that standard were finalized in the period from January 2000 to June 2004, out of thousands of federal rules proposed every year.
The new law added more privacy regulations to those in the 1996 HIPAA law, creating a new avenue of federal encroachment on insurance regulation.
For a summary of regulations for each area, go to the DFG Marine Region Web site at www.
The Agencies have developed a comprehensive plan to incorporate the advanced risk and capital measurement methodologies of the Framework into regulations and supervisory guidance for U.
Also, the final regulations simplify the filing requirements of an electing trust, as well as the procedures for furnishing a taxpayer identification number to payors.
The First Circuit Court of Appeals noted that because the regulations are legislative--written under a specific delegation of authority to write guidance--they can only be invalidated if the court determines they are "arbitrary, capricious or manifestly contrary to the statute.
On the other hand, legislative and rulemaking processes are not deemed to have a constitutional due process component, so both statutes and regulations may be passed without the constitutional necessity of due process of law (Florida v.
Many states have recently revised their assisted living regulations in an attempt to keep pace with the growth of the industry and the changing needs of the residents it serves.
Neither the Act nor the regulations require lead-paint remediation in private housing; rather, their focus is on the disclosure of information.

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