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(1) A group of rules that determines the work procedures of state bodies, institutions, and organizations. An example would be the General Regulations for State Collegia (1720), included in the Petrine Regulations.

(2) Procedures for conducting sittings, meetings, conferences, sessions, and congresses of representative bodies. An example would be the regulations governing joint and separate sessions of the chambers of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

(3) The name of certain acts adopted by international congresses and conferences. An example would be the Vienna Regulations of 1815.

(4) A code of rules, permanent or temporary, that governs the internal organization and activity of a chamber or a unicameral legislative body and that also governs the legal status of a deputy. Rules are passed by chambers in accordance with principles and other prescriptions that are contained in constitutions, constitutional laws, and organic laws. Therefore, rules can only be repealed by agencies that carry out constitutional supervision. Special committees that monitor the observance of regulations are usually formed in governmental chambers.

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Such rejected or condemned animals shall at once be removed by the owners from the pens containing animals which have been inspected and found to be free from disease and fit for human food, and shall be disposed of in accordance with the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the state and municipality in which said rejected or condemned animals are located.
The opportunities which some States would have of rendering others tributary to them by commercial regulations would be impatiently submitted to by the tributary States.
The officials of the Board of Trade have been most exacting in seeing that every compliance has been made with existing regulations.
I repeat that the Mongolia has been in advance of the time required by the company's regulations, and gained the prize awarded for excess of speed.
In those days the speed depended upon the seaman; therefore, apart from the laws, rules, and regulations for the good preservation of his cargo, he was careful of his loading, - or what is technically called the trim of his ship.
The same mail that bore to Mulcahy's mother in New York a letter from the colonel telling her how valiantly her son had fought for the Queen, and how assuredly he would have been recommended for the Victoria Cross had he survived, carried a communication signed, I grieve to say, by that same colonel and all the officers of the regiment, explaining their willingness to do "anything which is contrary to the regulations and all kinds of revolutions" if only a little money could be forwarded to cover incidental expenses.
He took care, however, that they should be allowed to go to the shops they came out expressly to visit; and it did not delay them long, for Fanny could so little bear to excite impatience, or be waited for, that before the gentlemen, as they stood at the door, could do more than begin upon the last naval regulations, or settle the number of three-deckers now in commission, their companions were ready to proceed.
Now and again, despite all municipal regulations, the fragment of a half-burned body bobbed by on the full current.
With these counsels, and many others equally valuable, did Papa Wick fortify Bobby ere that last awful night at Portsmouth when the Officers' Quarters held more inmates than were provided for by the Regulations, and the liberty-men of the ships fell foul of the drafts for India, and the battle raged from the Dockyard Gates even to the slums of Longport, while the drabs of Fratton came down and scratched the faces of the Queen's Officers.
If he will adopt these regulations, in seven years he will be clear; and I hope we may be able to convince him and Elizabeth, that Kellynch Hall has a respectability in itself which cannot be affected by these reductions; and that the true dignity of Sir Walter Elliot will be very far from lessened in the eyes of sensible people, by acting like a man of principle.
I would conform to any regulations, any restrictions if they would only let me enjoy the garden.
The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

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