Reichenbach Falls

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Reichenbach Falls,

waterfalls, total drop 656 ft (200 m), S central Switzerland, where the Reichenbach River joins the Aare River. Upper Reichenbach Falls is one of the highest cataracts (c.300 ft/90 m high) in the Alps. It is familiar to readers of A. Conan Doyle as the place where Sherlock Holmes was said to have disappeared and his archenemy, Professor Moriarty, died.
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So rapidly does the brain act that I believe I had thought this all out before Professor Moriarty had reached the bottom of the Reichenbach Fall.
By the charming society whose leader lies in the Reichenbach Fall.
I don't think I have had the pleasure of seeing you since you favoured me with those attentions as I lay on the ledge above the Reichenbach Fall.
The inn stands in a CHARMANT spot close to the C^OTE DE LA RIVIE`RE, which, lower down, forms the Reichenbach fall, and embosomed in the richest of pine woods, while the fine form of the Wellhorn looking down upon it completes the enchanting BOPPLE.
Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy Moriarty clutch at each other's throats above the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, before they relinquish their grip and break into laughter.
Tucci will introduce the UK premiere of his film, Final Portrait, while Oliver Stone will introduce a special screening of his film, Wall Street, 30 years after it was made and author Ian Rankin will present crime drama Reichenbach Falls.
The nearby Reichenbach Falls inspired him to use it as the setting for the final dramatic confrontation between Holmes and Moriarity.
L-R: Reichenbach Falls where Holmes battles Moriarty; The Sherlock Holmes Museum at Meiringen and one of its exhibits.
Meals as per the itinerary, excursions to the Reichenbach Falls, Jungfrau Railway to Jungfraujoch and a steam mountain railway journey to Rothorn summit.
Hudson, or informative subjects like chloroform, opium dens in Victorian London, or the Reichenbach Falls.
In Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective stories starring Sherlock Holmes, little is ever said of how the master sleuth spent his days between his alleged demise at Reichenbach Falls in 1891, and his reappearance in 1894.
95) picks up where Holmes' death at the Reichenbach Falls with his nemesis Moriarty leaves off, and tells of a story in which Dr.