see Isserles, Moses ben IsraelIsserles, Moses ben Israel
, c.1525–1572, Polish rabbi, annotator, and philosopher, b. Kraków, known as Remah. He is best known for his glosses on the code of Jewish law of Joseph ben Ephraim Caro.
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The contest kicked off at Remah Field and King Abdul Aziz Camel Race Field yesterday.
The festival will begin with events at the Sahrawi camp for falconers at Telal Resort in Remah, where the falconers will spend time with their birds in an ideal environment for falconry from December 4 to 6.
Remah Mubarak of the Shehab News Agency, told Al Jazeera that one of the four managers' accounts that had been suspended "with no warning" by Facebook had still not been reactivated, late into Sunday.
Mosul / NINA / The leadership of Nineveh province operations announced liberating Remah village within the liberation operation of southern Mosul areas.
After leaving their Stockton shop, Brian had a succession of jobs and was working as a salesman for Remah Motors on the Trunk Road, Middlesbrough, when he heard of a new garage being opened by the Cohen brothers - Harry and Walter.
In the city of Al Ain, the Remah Emirati Housing Stage 2 residential project, consisting of 10 villas and a mosque, was approved.
Al Remah School students in Al Ain managed to minimise water consumption by farms in their area by around 5,000 litres by raising awareness among farmers.
St Edward's Catholic Primary School pupils, from left, Isabel Harris, Michael Hill, Lourdes Mills, Aidan Parkes, Rachel Masterson and Remah Grant
Corresponding Author: Remah Moustafa Kamel, 4 Tyndall's Park Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 IPG, United Kingdom
The Islamic Jihad group said that the dead man, Remah al-Hasani, was a member of its military wing, the Al-Quds Brigades.
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That's what 13-year-old Saif Khalid from Al Remah School in Al Ain learnt during his visit to the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival.