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An internal DOS/Windows command that changes the name of files and folders. Rename and Ren are two forms of the command. To change from ABC.DOC to XYZ.DOC, type:



Folders can be renamed from one level higher or from somewhere else. If ROCK1 is a subfolder in MUSIC, it can be renamed ROCK2, as follows:
  C:\MUSIC>rename rock1 rock2
  C:\WORK>rename \music\rock1 rock2

If there is a mix of upper and lower case extensions, the Rename command can make them the same. To make all GIFs upper case GIF, type:
rename *.gif *.GIF
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The administrative department of Delhi University's Dyal Singh College on Saturday decided to rename its evening college as 'Vande Mataram Mahavidyalaya'.
4) Those who sell photographs in the stock photo market may also rename their files according to a system that suits their photo libraries.
At that time, the british parliament agreed to rename the square tower at their headquarters after her.
Next come the advanced rename functions, and you can easily toggle between basic and advanced modes with F2 (ironic isn't it?
Bridgestone Americas Holding, Incorporated (Bridgestone Americas), a company that produces passenger, truck, bus, off-road, agricultural, aviation and motorcycle tyres, is planning to rename the company's operations effective January 1, 2009.
In March, the three-member committee unanimously endorsed a proposal to rename Federal Square Plaza, and the part of Southbridge Street that leads into it, as Francis R.
Windows: To rename multiple files in Explorer in a single action, highlight all the files you wish to rename and right click on any one of them.
has decided to rename all the vessels in its fleet to reflect American patriotic themes.
For example, Jackson's death has sparked a campaign to rename Hartsfield International Airport in his honor.
About 100,000 people submitted more than 250,000 names, including "baseball mitt" and "crab claw red," to a contest to rename the color once called "Indian red.
04 (ANI): The Rajya Sabha on Friday witnessed uproar over the Central Government giving its approval to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's proposal to rename the iconic Mughalsarai railway station to Deen Dayal Upadhyaya station.
Lane County Commissioner Rob Handy says the Oregon Transportation Commission should drop its plans to rename Belt Line Road as the Randy Pap Beltline and initiate a public process to find a more suitable way to honor the late Eugene businessman.