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rent control,

in economics and law, government regulation of rent to prevent unreasonable or excessive increases. In the United States, the federal government imposed rent control (and other price controls) during World War II, and continued it in several cities after the war because of housing shortages. It was later turned over to the control of individual states and municipalities and has since ended in most locations.
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The modern form of rent controls started with the World War II housing shortage, which created an immense amount of upward pressure on rental rates.
MAYBE Audrey Lafferty director of property management, Grant Property The devil will definitely be in the detail when it comes to determining what constitutes a rent control area and the extent of measures put in place.
The state's General Assembly last week gave its approval to legislation ti introduce rent control on new 55+ senior housing, reversing a longstanding statewide policy of prohibiting municipalities from imposing rent control on new construction for 30 years.
Because the density of rent-control units varied from neighborhood to neighborhood, the authors are able to track inter-neighborhood and cross-neighborhood changes in housing prices, both within Cambridge and in nearby cities and towns that never had rent controls.
In adopting rent control the Gulf has moved in the opposite direction to the rest of the world.
But apartment owners and developers said they are considering filing a lawsuit because they believe state law prohibits the city from imposing rent control on new apartments.
Indeed, experts across the political spectrum are virtually unanimous that rent control reduces the quantity and quality of housing available, hurting the tenants it is intended to help.
In reality, without rent control and stabilization, we all become helpless victims of the landlord.
The book begins with an overview of the evolution of rent controls in North America.
became the first major American cities to abandon rent controls since 1950.
Contrary to common claims, ending rent control didn't initiate an inflationary spiral.