repetitive strain injury

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repetitive strain injury:

see repetitive stress injuryrepetitive stress injury
or repetitive strain injury
(RSI), injury caused by repeated movement of a particular part of the body. Often seen in workers whose physical routine is unvaried, RSI has become epidemic since computers have entered the workplace in large
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repetitive strain injury

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With the average treatment cost of one injured worker now over $40,000 and pending new ergonomic regulations, companies recognize the need to reduce their exposure to Repetitive Motion Injury claims.
Until now, Blackberry users could only compose messages using the integrated thumb keypad which may lead to 'Blackberry Thumb', a repetitive motion injury that was recently documented by researchers at Cornel University.
Some 302,000 repetitive motion injury cases were reported in 1993, up from only 34,700 in 1984.

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