Republic of Kosovo

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Turkey is one of the first countries recognizing the independent Republic of Kosovo.
The Act adopted by this group aimed at creating a republic of Kosovo within the framework of the SFRY.
Last weekend, Kosovo's lawmakers declared the birth of the Republic of Kosovo, the sixth state to emerge from the former Yugoslavia, and sent 192 letters to governments around the world requesting diplomatic recognition.
Rumania has refused to recognise the new Republic of Kosovo, for the best of reasons.
The 58-year-old married father-of-three was in charge of British troops in the successful 1999 operation to end ethnic cleansing of Albanians in the former Yugoslav republic of Kosovo.
Chelsea, taking a break from classes at Stanford University, accompanied the president throughout his 10-day trip to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and the Yugoslav republic of Kosovo.
In fact, according to Albanian State Television, the KLA had sentenced to death in absentia Ibrahim Rugova, the democratically elected president of the Republic of Kosovo.
Opposition leader Ibrahim Rugova became president of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo.
From an Albanian point of view, a likely unification of Kosovo with Albania or the international recognition of the 1992 self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, can only be a factor of stability in the region since it will boost the Albanian and Kosovar economy and give the Albanian nation a real sense of unity, without which the transition to democratic politics could turn out to be even more painful.
Serbia seems bent on crushing the Albanians who live in the former Yugoslav republic of Kosovo.
The Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the World Bank are working to include more women in the digital economy.
28 (Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II, Sunday evening discussed with the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, efforts to combat terrorism and radical ideologies that threaten regional and global security and stability.