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To cut lumber to boards of final thickness.



a woodworking machine for sawing lumber (slabs, boards, and beams) into thin boards; both rotary and band saws are used as resaws. Prepared lumber is fed into a resaw using either drive rollers or a chain mechanism. The height of the cut may be as much as 300 mm for rotary saws and 500 mm for band saws. Rotary saws used as resaws are sometimes constructed with two consecutively placed saws in order to increase the output.

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The first mill employed the term "resaw dip," which relates to problems with the bandsaws on the resaw.
Only 35 percent of Pennsylvania's sawmill respondents used computer-aided headrigs, and the vast majority (88 to 91%) did not use computer-aided equipment in their resaw, edger, or trimmer.
In Sawmills 1 and 3, the head saw converted logs into cants, and then a resaw was used to saw the cants into lumber.
Sector Reduction A Reception and debarking of logs 6 B Entrance of logs to the sawmill 2 C Supervisors 3 D Band Resaw 2 E Multiple 2 F Sharpeners 2 G Batten Reprocessing 4 H Line of thin logs 6 I Stevedores 6 TOTAL 33 Source: Own elaboration.
Task 6, Board Edger: boards from the Slap Resaw are edged to the correct width and sent to the trim saw.
Also installed is a Waco BKL, twin resaw for splitting timber up to 300mm deep.
Auto-Cote(R), marketed to OEMs, improves cut quality, productivity and wood recovery for lumber and resaw operations.
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It's family," said Guy McNett, a resaw operator who got his first job with Collins in 1974.
On site are two, 25,000 board feet capacity kilns, one hydraulic band head rig, one resaw, two planers for molding and 40,000 square feet of covered storage space.
A 1,200-mm band mill with an auto-feed carriage and a 1,100-mm auto-roller table band resaw installed in the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan, were used in this study.
Baker Products' Model "DX" band resaw features heavy-duty roller-style infeed and outfeed turnarounds, infeed deck and out-feed transfer conveyor.