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A method in surveying by which the horizontal position of an occupied point is determined by drawing lines from the point to two or more points of known position.
A method of determining a plane-table position by orienting along a previously drawn foresight line and drawing one or more rays through the foresight from previously located stations.
The surgical removal of a section or segment of an organ or other structure.



an operation that involves the partial excision of a diseased organ. Amputation is the removal of the peripheral part of an organ, while extirpation is the complete removal of an organ. In surgical practice gastric resections are most frequently performed; pyloric stenoses and stomach cancers or gastric ulcers that are complicated by hemorrhaging often require gastric resections. Resections of the small or large intestine are performed in cases of traumatic ruptures, obstructions, or tumors. An anastomosis is created between the stump of the stomach and the duodenum or jejunum or between the remaining sections of the intestine after gastric or intestinal resections. Resections are also performed on the thyroid gland, lungs, and joints.

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The prohibitive costs of having neuronavigation prompted us to explore our own experience with brain tumour resection using resources limited to history, clinical examination and radiology.
Each patient's treatment was assessed as surgical resection of the cancer with or without chemotherapy, chemotherapy without surgical resection, or no treatment (no surgical resection or chemotherapy).
In addition to cost savings per TURP procedure, the Olympus plasma platform can be used for other Urology and Gynecology procedures, including transurethral resection of bladder tumors (TURBT) and transcervical resection.
The morphological and contractile properties of skeletal muscles around the knee joint following ACL resection with or without its reconstruction are evaluated in an animal model.
Complete resection of the primary tumor and liver metastases is the only path to a good prognosis for patients with CRCLM.
Factors affecting the incidence of early endoscopic recurrence after ileocolonic resection for Crohn's disease: a multicenter observational study.
After transurethral resection, a very small percentage of patients can develop Transurethral resection syndrome (TURP syndrome).
1%) underwent sublobar resection, and 489 underwent anatomic resection (including pneumonectomy in 5 patients, lobectomy in 476 patients, and bilobectomy in 8 patients).
A major hepatectomy was defined as resection of three or more Couinaud liver segments and an extended hepatectomy as resection of five or more Couinaud segments.
All 74 patients underwent liver resection with curative intent to obtain R0 resection.
The 1- 3- and 5-year RFS rates of patients received liver resection and liver transplantation were 92.