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in the USSR a citizen who is in the USSR armed forces reserve. Reservists are called for training and inspection for time periods specified in the 1967 Law of the USSR on Universal Military Service.

Reservists called for training meetings or inspections receive allowances in kind and money from the state for the duration of the meeting: reservists who are industrial or office workers or kolkhoz personnel called up to meetings retain their job and 75 percent of the average regular wage of the place of work.

When a mobilization is announced reservists must appear at places and times indicated in the mobilization notices, summonses, or orders of raions (city) military commissars. Reservists who do not appear for mobilization at the specified places and times are liable under the laws of war-time.

P. I. ROMANOV [5-692-2-]

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Aquino said it is important that the government promote the importance of military reservists as the country faces issues such as disaster preparedness and anti-terrorism drive.
Of the graduates, 166 are military officers while 21 are reservists.
If the reservist was activated, the government would pay all of the premiums.
ONR-RC comprises approximately 190 Navy Reservists from 15 units nationwide, most of who have earned advanced technical degrees in science and engineering disciplines and were once on active duty.
Also commitment and experience - choosing to join the reserves is not an easy decision and the reservist must be willing to train, persevere and improvise in unfamiliar or difficult circumstance.
Dr Greta Pells has juggled her day job in Emergency Medicine at the RVI with her reservist post for the past three years.
His key note speech at the event focused on Reservists and the valuable roles they play, in defence and employment.
Richard Lenton, Yorkshire and Humber regional campaign director, presents Reservist Rebecca Venus, |of Brighouse High School, with a certificate showing the school's support for Reservists.
Reservists - whether with the Territorial Army, the Royal Naval Reserve, the Royal Marines Reserve or the Royal Auxiliary Air Force - hung up their usual work clothes and wore their service uniforms for the day yesterday.
The regular Army has been stripped by a fifth to 80,000 under a scheme which aims to recruit 30,000 reservists.
Major Tracey Smith-Straney, whose day job sees her work in the blood laboratory at Fazakerley Hospital, has been featured as one of the faces of NHS staff who serve with the army as reservists.
The attorney and reservist made a final review and revisions, if needed, and then the documents were executed.