Reshevsky, Samuel

Reshevsky, Samuel (Herman)

(1911–92) chess player; born in Ozorkow, Poland. After emigrating to America at age eight, he was seven times the U.S. champion; his world title hopes were stalled by World War II, then by Soviet-dominated candidates' matches. Eclipsed by Bobby Fischer in 1957, he worked as an investment analyst and insurance salesman.

Reshevsky, Samuel


Born Nov. 26, 1911, in Ozorków, Łódź Województwo, Poland. American chess player; international grandmaster (1950).

Reshevsky graduated from a college of business in Detroit in 1932 and was a bank employee. He won the United States national championship several times in the years 1936–70. Beginning in 1937, he was a member of US teams at chess olympiads, and in the 1940’s and 1950’s he was a contender for the title of world champion. He competed in the multiple-round tournament for the world championship (shared third and fourth places) in 1948 and in the tournament of challengers (shared second, third, and fourth places) in 1953. In 1970, Reshevsky participated as one of the world’s ten best chess players in the match USSR versus the rest of the world.

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