Restrictive covenant

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Restrictive covenant

A requirement to adhere to a specific restriction on the use or development of real property.

restrictive covenant

An agreement between two or more individuals, incorporated within a deed which stipulates how land may be used. The constraints may include: the specific use to which a property can be put, the location and dimensions of fences, the setback of buildings from the street, the size of yards, the type of architecture, the cost of the house, etc. Racial and religious restrictions on inhabitants are legally unenforceable.
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People living in Old Elvet say Riverside Park, the city's former bowling green, could form part of the development, even though a restricted covenant was put on it when the university sold it to the council in 1944 - banning the building of anything more than a shelter.
The principals of Global also have entered into 10-year restricted covenant agreements with TurboChef.
Durham City Council has a restricted covenant in place which only allows Pan European Cuisine to be served from the premises.

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