Retinal Detachment

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retinal detachment

[‚ret·ən·əl di′tach·mənt]
An eye disorder characterized by the separation of the sensory layers of the retina from their supporting foundations.

Retinal Detachment


a disease of the eye in which the retina separates from the outwardly adjacent pigment epithelium. Retinal detachment may be primary, that is, spontaneous, or secondary.

With primary retinal detachment, the retina is ruptured or abrupted from its site of attachment to the pigment epithelium.

It is detached by the vitreous humor, which seeps under it through the rupture. The opening usually originates where the retina degenerates, and thus detachment is most often observed in older persons or in those with severe myopia. Retinal detachment may also result from eye trauma. Patients complain of a dark shadow in front of the eye that appears to travel from a specific side of the visual field, that is, from above, from below, from within, or from without. Another common complaint is photopsia—the illusion of sparks and luminous lines before the eyes. Vision is drastically reduced, and treatment must involve surgery.

The etiology of secondary retinal detachment is associated with other eye diseases, for example, inflammatory and oncological diseases and affections of the vessels of the fundus of the eye. Retinal rupture usually does not occur in secondary detachment. The condition is treated by curing the underlying cause.


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1) The adenocarcinoma develops from the RPE and does not metastasize but can cause retinal detachment (RD) and potential blindness.
They have some important characteristics such as optical clarity, permanent retention and chemical inertness but they are also associated with many complications such as poor contact with retina due to the hydrophobic nature, cataract, oil in anterior chamber, less tamponade effect in case of inferior retinal breaks, irreversible cell damage, postoperative retinal detachment etc [3].
Tears in the retina can be fixed with laser or freezing treatment, while an operation is needed for retinal detachment.
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Clinical findings are generally related to retinal arteriole narrowing, serous retinal detachments and optic disc oedema.
She reported no other injuries or trauma, and no family history of retinal detachment.
With the Optos, we have spotted early retinal detachments, retinal degenerations and suspicious choroidal masses (which are easier to spot as you have a full view and can also separate the retina from choroid).
He is most known for his treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity (in the advanced stage), children's retinal diseases, complicated retinal detachments, and Stickler Syndrome.
For these men and women, glaucoma- the sneak thief of sight, as well as retinal detachments are prevalent but can be avoided.
OCT is also extremely useful in evaluating serous or exudative retinal detachments, which can potentially be missed.
Retinal detachments can occur for a variety of reasons and, in general, can be repaired by retinal surgeons.
The team already has successfully implanted prototype devices into animals and is refining the surgical techniques to prevent complications such as bleeding or retinal detachments.