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An instrument for determining flow properties of solids by measuring relationships between stress, strain, and time.



an instrument for measuring the flow of a viscous fluid. In the USSR, the term is applied to a type of rate-of-flow meter that measures the volume flow of a gas. The operation of such a rheometer is based on the measurement of the pressure drop across a constriction in the pipe through which the gas flows; the constriction may be in the form of an orifice or capillary tube. The pressure drop is a single-valued function of the flow rate of the gas and is measured by a differential manometer, whose scale is generally marked in units of gas flow, such as cm3/min or liters per hour (l/hr). Such rheometers are used for measuring flow rates of up to 104l/hr in industrial and laboratory installations. For example, they are used in equipment for the chlorination of water and in devices for the quantitative analysis of the composition of gases.

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The HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer features a modular design, allowing users to quickly exchange accessories and customize the instrument to suit their needs.
The newest generation of HAAKE MARS rheometers is focused on ease of use and a high level of customization, allowing lab managers to respond to their specific testing applications," says Birgit Schroeder, product line director for laboratory instruments and material characterization products for Thermo Fisher Scientific.
The NIST MEMS dynamic rheometer is described in a new paper in Lab on a Chip.
Typical results of the measurements are presented in Figure 3 for Weissenberg rheogoniometer and Figure 4 for Brookfield rheometer.
These researchers compared the curve of electric power versus mixing time of the concrete with the measurements obtained from their rheometer and were able to provide a correlation curve between the two instruments [7,8].
This rheometer is geometrically similar to a single-screw extruder.
Presently the STRESSTECH rheometer and its associated equipment are generating cure speed data reliability and reproducibility," says Johnson.
The new system requires the delivery of software that can be used simultaneously to handle the existing mcr101 rheometer.
Material scientists in research and development, advanced quality control and academic research can now use an enhanced, modular rheometer platform to increase workflow efficiency and minimize operator error while analyzing the rheological properties of a broad range of samples, stated thermo Scientific
The FT4 Powder Rheometer allows us to quantify the effectiveness of a specific coating/powder combination and has exceptional reproducibility, so we were able to precisely differentiate our potential products.
The Brookfield DV-III Ultra Rheometer now features USB connectivity.
Recent polymer co-extrusion studies demonstrate the value of a unique die, developed by UK-based Fleming Polymer Testing and Consultancy, for use with the Rosand capillary rheometer from the UK's Malvern Instruments.