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, formerly Rhodesia,
officially Republic of Zimbabwe, republic (2005 est. pop. 12,747,000), 150,803 sq mi (390,580 sq km), S central Africa. It is bordered on the north by Zambia, on the northeast and east by Mozambique, on the south by South Africa, and on
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From the mid-1960s the armed wings of the two nationalist parties waged a war of liberation against the white Rhodesians.
Wrote Peck: "To understand the attitude of the Rhodesians fully, it is essential to go back to the early days when the Pioneer Column, which consisted mainly of people of British stock, peacefully occupied Rhodesia in 1890.
His fellow Africans adored his songs, but the Rhodesian authorities were somewhat less pleased, especially when they began to understand what Mapfumo's lyrics were about.
The greater problem facing Rhodesia is that which is threatening the whole of Africa - the threat of Communist infiltration - so I will press for the abolition of sanctions, thus allowing the Rhodesians to run and develop their way.
ehanda is a story about three people: a black Mashona boy, a half-Chinese/half- Mashona girl, and a white Rhodesian boy, all of the same age.
What Hughes is concerned with is how this arbitrary and raw construction became not only landscape but wilderness in the minds of white Rhodesians.
Whereas Rhodesians embraced and pushed for modernity and modernisation, (3) they denounced the moral pervasion and godlessness of modernism.
Rhodesians refused to negotiate and yet these were the very people who massacred our ancestors
In the 1950s, racial tensions began mounting with white Rhodesians fearing that majority rule would bring chaos, as it had in the Congo.
And the then Home Secretary said: "The PM mentioned the problem which would face the UK over the refugees from Rhodesia, following independence, but said that she had less objection to refugees such as Rhodesians, Poles and Hungarians since they could more easily be assimilated into British society.
In 1965, rather than submit to Great Britain's concept of how their land should be governed, the Rhodesians declared Unilateral Declaration of Independence--"UDI"--and formed a government under Prime Minister Ian Smith, a controversial figure in international politics but, in Africa, one of the most respected leaders the continent has known.
The RAF hero figure had one great flaw shared with many who have tried to hang on to power for themselves and their group - he failed to understand that historical forces cannot be held back and that in the end all attempts to hold in subjection one group by another - and that was what white Rhodesians by and large aimed to do -must fail.