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(rŏd`əpē), Bulg. Rodopi Planina, Gr. Rodope, mountain range of the Balkan Peninsula, extending c.200 mi (320 km) from the Struma River, SE Bulgaria, to the lower Maritsa River, NE Greece. It consists of three sections—the Rhodope, Pirin Planina, and Rila Planina—and its highest peak, Musala, rises to 9,596 ft (2,925 m). The rugged range has few passes and has long hindered communications between the upper Maritsa valley and the coastal plain.



mountains on the Balkan Peninsula, in Bulgaria and Greece. The range is approximately 240 km long and has elevations reaching 2,191 m (Mount Goljam Perelik). It consists of a series of massifs that gradually descend toward the east.

Island mountains rising above ancient erosion surfaces are characteristic of the western Rhodopes. In the eastern Rhodopes rugged medium and low relief predominates. The mountains are composed of limestones, sandstones, and crystalline and volcanic rock. Annual precipitation totals 1,000 mm in the west and 650 mm in the east. The rivers in the Maritsa and Mesta river basins are full of rapids and have considerable water power reserves. Hydroelectric systems and reservoirs are located on the Arda and Vŭcha rivers, which are tributaries of the Maritsa.

Brush of the maquis and shibliak type and groves of live oak grow on the lower southern slopes of the Rhodope Mountains, and oak, beech, and coniferous forests grow on the northern slopes. Montane meadows and brush are found at elevations of 1,800–2,000 m.

There is logging in the western Rhodopes. The lower slopes of the eastern Rhodopes (reaching elevations of 700 m) have tobacco plantations and vineyards. There are deposits of iron ore in Khaskovo, chrome in Krumovgrad, and complex metals in Madan.

There are many mineral springs in the Rhodope Mountains. Balneologic and climatic health resorts are located in Narečn, Velingrad, Vasil Kolarov, and elsewhere in Bulgaria. The Rhodope Mountains are a popular center for tourism.


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The Rhodope mountains are on the border of which two European countries?
He said that another trend was for Bulgarians to go to resorts other than the bestknown ones in the Pirin, Rila and Rhodope mountains.
Ovcharov has been excavating the Ancient Thracian rock city of Perperikon in the Rhodope Mountains for the past few years, and his finds have increasingly proven that Perperikon (also known as Hyperperakion) used to be a crucial urban centre during the Middle Ages as well in the Byzantine Empire and the First and Second Bulgarian Empire, and not just in the Antiquity period.
PASOK MP from Xanthi Cetin Mandaci, PASOK MP from Rhodope Ahmet Haciosman, Komotini's elected mufti Ibrahim Serif, Mufti of Xanthi Ahmet Mete and various other minority institutions released announcements saying they supported the campaign.
The Rhodope group is considered older and embraces the larger part of the mountain regions acedonia, while the Dinaric group is younger and divided in 3 subgroups: Vardar zone, which includes the mountains on both sides of the river Vardar, right after the great curve of the river north-west of Skopje.
Bulgarian Winter Experience, Feb 13-20 An action-packed centre-based week in Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains.
Thrace is part of the administrative region of East Macedonia and Thrace (Perifereia Anatolikis Makedonias & Thrakis), and consists of three prefectures, Ksanthi, Rhodope and Evros.
This aid, in the form of interest rate subsidies or loan guarantees, has been paid to agricultural, craft, shipbuilding, industrial and coal companies in the Departments of Rhodope, Evros, Xanthi, the Dodecanese and the Islands of Lesbos, Samos and Chios.
The area under study is found to the south of the superimposed Upper Thracian Depression and the NE Rhodope Depression (Atanassov et al.
Two sites were surveyed; the first was Nevrokopi, a small town in the Rhodope Mountains near the Greek-Bulgarian border, and the second site included Pramanta, a small village in the Pindos Mountains, and Matsuki, a small village in northwestern Greece.
Order rhodope cheverme (lamb roasted on a spit) and expect to pay not much more than a fiver for this local favourite.
The Kruchov Dol mine in the Madan District, Rhodope Mountains, has been producing attractive, flattened quartz Japan-law twins.