Rice University

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Rice University,

at Houston, Tex.; coeducational; chartered 1891 as Rice Institute through a bequest of William Marsh Rice, opened 1912, renamed 1960. It follows the residential college system and has schools of architecture, engineering, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and music. In addition to science and engineering laboratories, Rice maintains an institute for computer services and an institute for the arts. It also has a nuclear research laboratory and the Moody Center for the Arts, dedicated to the collaboration between the arts, sciences, and humanities, and is associated with NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Until 1965 there were no tuition fees.
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Portions of the proceeds from the dinner will go toward the Rice University Veterans in Business Association Military Scholars Program, which provides scholarships for veterans pursuing a Rice MBA degree.
For several years, leading researchers at Rice University and Teijin Aramid worked together on the development of CNT production.
InView has an exclusive license from Rice University to apply patent 8,199,244 to imaging and hyperspectral imaging for wavelengths of ultraviolet, visual, infrared, and terahertz.
Matsuda is an award-winning Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University in Houston, TX.
In an unusual move, Rice University trustees have selected an Ivy League dean to be the next president.
Wallach, an assistant professor at Rice University, said.
Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University has selected Higher Reach by Jenzabar to consolidate registration systems and meet the specific needs of its continuing education programs.
Rice University and the officer were represented in the appeal by attorneys Lara Hollingsworth, Andy Drumheller and Rusty Hardin of Houston's Rusty Hardin & Associates.
Tour of Rice University in Houston and his colleagues attached sets of four spherical, all-carbon molecules called fullerenes to stiff chassis made of linked benzene compounds.
Clark succeeds Robert Yekovich, who left NCSA last July after serving twelve years as music dean to become dean of the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.
Rather than fight the ruling, many stations have, indeed, opted to pull the plug, says Will Robedee, general manager of WKTRU at Rice University (TX).
Texas' Rice University was third, followed by Missouri's Truman State University.

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