Rice University

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Rice University,

at Houston, Tex.; coeducational; chartered 1891 as Rice Institute through a bequest of William Marsh Rice, opened 1912, renamed 1960. It follows the residential college system and has schools of architecture, engineering, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and music. In addition to science and engineering laboratories, Rice maintains an institute for computer services and an institute for the arts. It also has a nuclear research laboratory and the Moody Center for the Arts, dedicated to the collaboration between the arts, sciences, and humanities, and is associated with NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Until 1965 there were no tuition fees.
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1990-91 Bryan Bronson SPR Jasper, Jasper, TX Rice Univ.
The school is not known for its science curriculum, but it's instructors include a number of doctorate holders from some premier R&D institutions, including Rice Univ.
Production levels on the order of half a kilogram to 50 kg a day ensure that lower-scale and higher-cost applications will dominate" the CNT business, says Jim Tour, a chemistry professor at Rice Univ.
Measuring only 4-nm wide, researchers at Rice Univ,.
Results from a research effort led by teams from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, and Rice Univ.
Over the last five years, research activities at Rice Univ.
By adding halogens to their CVD reaction mixtures, Rice Univ.

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