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However, rather than challenge and reshape society, men like Richard Arkwright and Josiah Wedgewood became the new aristocracy.
Shipp was surely right to emphasise the advantage enjoyed by Wright in coming from a region of England where rapid industrial development was under way and where he came to know many of those responsible for its rapid advance, not least both Josiah Wedgwood and Richard Arkwright.
Samuel Slater, 21, just arrived in New York from Great Britain, had been working in the textile factory of Richard Arkwright, inventor of a spinning frame that had transformed textile manufacture in Britain.
The other members of the Society were Josiah Wedgwood, founder of the world-famous ceramics factory; John Whitehurst, a geologist; James Watt; and Richard Arkwright (1732-1792), a textile manufacturer (5).
The preeminent example, however--the one that inspired Owen, M'Connel, Kennedy, and others--was Sir Richard Arkwright.
1732: Sir Richard Arkwright, English inventor of the "spinning frame", was born.
Richard Arkwright invented which cotton spinning device?
When the cotton king, Richard Arkwright, died in 1792 The Gentleman's Magazine wrote that "he had factories, the income of which is greater than that of most German principalities".
On holiday in the Peak District last year, my wife and I visited the village of Cramford where, in 1771, Sir Richard Arkwright built the world's first water-powered cotton spinning mill.
Sir Richard Arkwright set up the world's first waterpowered cotton mill here, and he built the Greyhound in 1788 for visiting dignitaries including Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire - played by Keira Knightley in Hollywood hit The Duchess.
Seifert and Gray, as well as Richard Arkwright and Lawrence Bishop, the two other principals of the firm, will continue to head the 24-employee firm.
December 23 1914: 1732: Sir Richard Arkwright, English inventor of the ''spinning frame'', was born.