Richard Parkes Bonington

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Bonington, Richard Parkes


Born Oct. 25, 1801 or 1802, near Nottingham; died Sept. 23, 1828, in London. English painter and graphic artist.

Bonington studied in France under A. Gros and was associated with E. Delacroix and other French romanticists. In 1826 he visited Italy. Bonington’s subtle lyrical landscapes (Boats by the Shore; Hermitage, Leningrad) by their intimate quality and pleinairist searchings blazed trails for 19th-century European landscape painting, including the Barbizon School. Bonington’s small paintings in the historical genre (Henry IV and the Spanish Ambassador; Wallace Collection, London) are romantic and are executed with great artistic freedom. Bonington was a great master of landscape watercolor painting and lithography.


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That was how Eugene Delacroix described the English watercolourist Richard Parkes Bonington, a close friend who died at the age of only 26 in 1828, leaving a body of work that was 'a type of diamond that flatters and ravishes the eye'.
Consider Christopher Marlowe, dead before his thirtieth birthday, John Keats, dead from tuberculosis at 25, and then cast your mind on poor Richard Parkes Bonington, also dead from tuberculosis at 26, (the disease was known as "the white death").
Portrait of Richard Parkes Bonington Richard Parkes Bonington's The Piazzetta, Venice, a watercolour over pencil heightened by body colour.
THE Winter exhibition of Regency watercolourists at the Courtauld Gallery reminded one that Richard Parkes Bonington (1802-28) merits more attention than he is at present paid.
It will also shed light on the relationship between the work of Turner and that of his contemporaries such as Richard Parkes Bonington and Samuel Prout.
El joven Alfred no sentia interes por el comercio: preferia pasar horas enteras estudiando cuadros de su compatriota Joseph Mallord William Turner, por esa epoca reconocido como el mayor paisajista ingles (aunque anos antes los criticos lo habian acusado de "aventar botes de pintura a la cara del publico", en caustica referencia al violento colorido de sus obras) y de Richard Parkes Bonington, un britanico ligado a la escuela de los grandes maestros franceses del siglo XVIII.
One of the most exceptional--but far from most expensive--paintings on offer this season at Christie's London is a coastal landscape by Richard Parkes Bonington (Fig.
In 1826-27, the topographical artist Thomas Shotter Boys paid a visit to the studio of the expatriate painter Richard Parkes Bonington in Paris.
An invigorating jaunt up to the fourth floor of the YCBA revealed not his legacy to the Romantics, but how very far those artists exceeded him as they did Claude: Turner and Constable and Richard Parkes Bonington have a freshness, a sparkle and a vitality, that Wilson never approaches.
This beautifully produced book catalogues over 400 drawings attributed to Richard Parkes Bonington (1802-28).