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Peters, Richard,

1744–1828, American jurist, b. Philadelphia. After serving as secretary of the board of war (1776–81), he was briefly in the Continental Congress (1782–83) and then in the state legislature (1787–91). After 1792 he was a judge of the U.S. District Court for Pennsylvania and handed down decisions in many admiralty cases. He was very interested in the improvement of agriculture.
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Daryl's successful track record of advancing programs from the discovery stage into meaningful therapeutics is exactly the kind of leadership that our research organization needs to move our drug candidates forward and achieve our objective to help cancer patients," said Richard Peters, M.
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: MACK), a biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has named Richard Peters, MD, PhD, as its president and chief executive officer, effective 6 February 2017, it was reported yesterday.
Richard Peters has cleverly caught the shadow of a fox against a garden wall in Surrey, and Neil Aldvidge has taken a picture of a fox in a London back yard enclosed by houses while tower blocks loom over head.
An urban fox casts a shadow in Surrey Richard Peters
One morning, member Richard Peters rowed quietly by me in his classic guide boat.
The day's forums were moderated by John Ridpath and Richard Peters of Decoded.
Authors from Dynaloy include Technology Manager Kim Pollard, Chemist Travis Acra, and Chemical Engineer Richard Peters.
Submitting this application formally starts the process of taking back the water that was stolen from us 62 years ago when the government issued a private company license to all of the water in Cheslatta traditional territory, which made billions of dollars in profit," said Chief Richard Peters in a statement.
There was a mixture of middle-distance races with the men's mile A race being won by Bristol and West's Richard Peters in 3:58.
Bitchell and Marshall quickly followed Thomas over the line to hold off the challenge of Bristol &West's Richard Peters and Steve Davies of Belgrave Harriers.
She married Richard Peters on March 11, 1958, in Stevenson, Wash.
Richard Peters, Director of Daymark, said the survey shows that the perception of household income status is very different from reality and that regardless of income there is an over estimation of the number of households on low incomes.