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Inflammation of the thyroid gland.



inflammation of the thyroid gland caused by nonspecific infection (for example, staphylococcosis), specific infection (tuberculosis), poisoning (by lead or carbon monoxide), or autoimmune diseases. Symptoms include pain upon swallowing or moving the head backward, throbbing pain in the ears and lower jaw, elevated body temperature, enlargement of the neck, and tenderness of the regional lymph nodes. The course of thyroiditis may be acute, subacute, or chronic. Treatment calls for the use of antiinflammatory agents, analgesics, antibiotics, corticosteroids, thyroidin, and vitamins. Suppurative thyroiditis is treated surgically.

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The histologic differential diagnosis includes palpation thyroiditis (histiocytes, lymphocytes, and no neutrophils), lymphocytic thyroiditis (oxyphilic [Hurthle, oncocytic] follicular epithelial cell metaplasia with mature lymphocytes and plasma cells arranged around germinal centers), and Riedel's thyroiditis (vasculitis and fibrosis).
WASHINGTON - Raloxifene proved effective in Riedel's thyroiditis when standard treatments had not been helpful, Dr.
On December 3, Jean was told she was suffering from rare and debilitating Riedel's thyroiditis.