Telescopic Sight

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telescopic sight

[¦tel·ə¦skäp·ik ′sīt]
Gunsight equipped with a telescope.

Telescopic Sight


a viewfinder whose optical components form a telescopic (afocal) system.

In the USSR, telescopic systems consisting of a negative, or diverging, objective and a positive, or converging, eyepiece are found in cameras equipped with rangefinders and in some amateur motion-picture cameras. Such viewfinders are of small size and provide a reduced erect image of the object being photographed. They are known as direct-vision optical viewfinders.

Reflex cameras and professional motion-picture cameras employ a telescopic system with a positive objective and eyepiece. Systems of this type produce magnified images of the object being photographed but must be equipped with an inversion system in order to obtain an erect image.

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Making something like a telescope is not the same tiling as making a telescope with practical applications, but this was achieved half a millennium ago using glass lenses at the beginning of the 17th century--the refracting telescope, which rifle scopes invariably are.
The SpecterIR infrared rifle scope is ideal for high-security installations such as military bases, correctional facilities, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, border crossings and water treatment plants.
The initial result turned out to be the appearance of more multi-point ("ballistic") reticles in just about every make of rifle scope, but as lasers continued to improve many shooters became dissatisfied with multi-point reticles out where bullets started curving steeply downward, because too often the bullet's impact ended up somewhere between aiming points.
This is an accessory for the Digital Crosshairs rifle scope night vision clip on product that converts a standard rifle scope into a digital night vision scope.
A very interesting compact rifle scope it switches back and forth from 1X to 4X with the throw of a lever.
The scenes are prosaic--still lifes of confiscated weapons, desolate landscapes seen through the crosshairs of a rifle scope, cliched portraits of locals--but damning insofar as they catalogue how the US mission perceives Iraq.
The line includes two Euro Rifle Scopes, Compact Rifle Scopes, Red Dot Scope, Shotgun Scopes, Varmint Rifle Scope and Air Rifle Scopes.
Redfield, the Denver, Colorado, rifle scope manufacturer of considerable repute, now offers a spotting scope so versatile that it meets literally all of the requirements of both competition shooters and hunters.
PENTAX Imaging Company has announced a FALL RIFLE SCOPE REBATE on ten assorted products from now until October 31, 2011.
He said the operating troops recovered from the fatalities a carbine rifle, an M-79 grenade launcher, a rifle scope, one black ISIS flag and an empty shell for M-203 rifle grenade.