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According to the MalwareHunterTeam, once installed, attackers use Rijndael block ciphers to encrypt website files and demand Bitcoin payment ranging from $140 to $415 for decryption.
The National Security Agency reviews all the AES finalists, including Rijndael and states that all of them are secure enough for U.
Prior to selection, Daeman and Rijmen used the name Rijndael (derived from their names) for the algorithm.
AES is based on work by Rijndael and Rijmen, two Belgian cryptographers, and the NIST specification dates from 2001-2002.
A 256 bits security key was used along with the Rijndael symmetric algorithm.
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A methodological approach for asynchronous implementation of the Rijndael Algorithm
Para proteger la integridad de los datos, todos los archivos se resguardaron de manera encriptada bajo dos algoritmos en cascada tipo Serpent (Anderson, Biham, Knudsen; 1998) y Rijndael (Daemen, Rijmen; 1998) mediante el programa TrueCrypt 7.
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La estructura del algoritmo Rijndael esta formada por un conjunto de rondas (conjunto de iteraciones de cuatro funciones matematicas diferentes e invertibles).
India, June 7 -- TextCrypt claims to use the industry standard Rijndael AES-128 encryption algorithm to protect your valuable information and then utilizes Base64 encoding to make it easier for copying and pasting.