Ringer's Solution

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Ringer's solution

[′riŋ·ərz sə‚lü·shən]
A solution of 0.86 gram sodium chloride, 0.03 gram potassium chloride, and 0.033 gram calcium chloride in boiled, purified water, used topically as a physiological salt solution.

Ringer’s Solution


a balanced salt solution that resembles seawater in composition and ion concentration. It is a physiological solution that was proposed in 1882 by the British physiologist S. Ringer.

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After incubation erythrocytes were washed in Ringer solution and then loaded with Fluo-3/AM (Biotium, Hayward.
For both the titanium alloys systems / Ringer solution it was noticed that for the Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al7Nb plastic deformed alloys, the electrode potential in open circuit has a lower values than the alloys in a cast or normalized state.
4] water based solutions and two Ringer solutions which simulate human body physiological environment.