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borough (1990 pop. 12,623), Passaic co., N N.J., in the Ramapo Mts. and on the Wanaque River near the N.Y. line. Iron was found nearby in 1730; mines and works were developed from 1764 by Peter Hasenclever, who made Ringwood Manor his headquarters. His successor, Robert Erskine, produced munitions for the patriots in the American Revolution. Other owners of the Ringwood properties included Peter Cooper and Abram S. Hewitt. Presented to the state in 1936, the estate (95 acres/38 hectares) became (1939) a park and the manor house was converted into a museum. Ringwood Manor has been designated a national historic landmark.
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Touching your question, we may tell you that we are strollers and jugglers, who, having performed with much applause at Winchester fair, are now on our way to the great Michaelmas market at Ringwood.
Why, only last term, just before I was rusticated, that is, I mean just before I had the measles, ha, ha--there was me and Ringwood of Christchurch, Bob Ringwood, Lord Cinqbars' son, having our beer at the Bell at Blenheim, when the Banbury bargeman offered to fight either of us for a bowl of punch.
The beautiful, luxurious boarding and training facility is located at 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, Illinois with over 12-acres adjacent to the Glacial Park Conservation District property.
Mr Ringwood, 33, says this includes getting permission to transform the property's "dilapidated" west wing into 11 luxury apartments.
Conservationist Mark Baker, who believes Mr Ringwood will struggle to get PS5m for the property, pointed to other Welsh mansions with a similar acreage on the market or recently sold for considerably less.
Ringwood will look to take that form into today's Scottish Cup first leg with Edinburgh.
However, on the third bend of lap four Ringwood lost control and sent himself into the fence for an exclusion - gifting the Bandits an awarded 2-4 and putting Berwick back into a 32-34 lead.
GLASGOW (30): Joe Screen 12, Henning Bager 7, James Wright 5, James Grieves 4, Joe Jacobs 1, Joey Ringwood 1, Harley Horwood 0.
Ms Ringwood said she had become concerned about her son's "huge weight loss".
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, is aiming to take ownership of around five acres of Ringwood State Park.
Shipyard's Master Brewer Alan Pugsley trained at Ringwood Brewery before moving to the U.