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a river in the Georgian SSR. It is 327 km long and drains an area of 13,400 sq km. The river originates from glaciers on the southern slope of the Glavnyi, or Vodorazdel’nyi, Range in the Greater Caucasus.

The Rioni first flows through a deep narrow gorge and then in a wide valley between the Lechkhumi and Racha ranges, from which it again flows through a narrow gorge. Below the city of Kutaisi the river flows across the Colchis Lowland, where it branches. Embankments on either side of the channel elevate the Rioni above the surrounding area; the river here is meandering. The Rioni forms a delta where it empties into the Black Sea. Most of the flow (as much as 90 percent) is discharged into the sea by way of a canal built in 1939 to protect the city of Poti during heavy flooding.

The Rioni is fed in various ways, predominantly by rain; its upper course is fed by glaciers. High water is from March through October, and there is flooding throughout the year. At its mouth, the river has a mean flow rate of 405 cu m per sec. The water is noted for its high turbidity; in spring the turbidity reaches 2,650 g per cu m. The Gumati and Rioni hydroelectric power plants are located on the river. In its middle course, water from the Rioni is used for irrigation. The Ossetian Military Road passes through the river’s valley. From its mouth, the Rioni is navigable for 95 km. The cities of Oni, Kutaisi, and Poti are located on the river.

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Kutaisi, Georgia's second city built on the Rioni river, is one of the most ancient in the world.
The hotel also features a panoramic restaurant and a bar with mesmerizing views of Kutaisi and the banks of the Rioni River, and a cafe where guests can enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast buffet each morning.
A cidade era dividida em 14 rioni (regioes) representadas pelos senadores, embora na pratica cada regiao fosse controlada por uma familia aristocratica.
In partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection and the National Environment Agency of Georgia, we work in the basin of one of the Georgias largest rivers Rioni.
TyFLyS (CyHAN)- Residents of the region of Racha (West Georgia) arrived in Tbilisi to protest at the House of Justice against the construction of hydroelectric power plant (HPP) on the river Rioni.
The Poti Seaport is a major seaport and harbor off the eastern Black Sea coast at the mouth of the Rioni River in Poti, Georgia.
Galleria also houses Converse All Star and Burlington Wearhouse with its J Renee and Rioni brands.
L'etnia costituisce un'unita territoriale con spazi interni delimitati e gerarchizzati: quartieri o rioni, paraggi, siti.
seriously damaged hydro system on the River of Rioni that protects the town from floods and serves as a bridge.
La finalidad del encargo del papa Lambertini a Nolli era tratar de precisar y definir de modo exacto los catorce rioni tradicionales de la Urbs, esto es, los distritos urbanos que, desde la Roma imperial (37), circuian las murallas aurelianas; tomo Nolli como referente para su trabajo tanto la xilografia, 1551, de Bufalini, ya citada, como las plantas bajas de los edificios publicos, para el proceso situacional y, por tanto, recurriendo, de algun modo, a los Fragmenta de Bellori y en definitiva a la Forma Urbis Romae.
25) <<Attraverso quel troppo noi impariamo la storia di questa poesia, e la sin cerita difficile e disinteressata che porta alle sue assolute rivelazioni: come in una citta popolosa, antica e vivente, dove, da rioni promisqui, e per vicoli angusti, escale faticose, si esce all'improvviso su favolose piazzette, e giardini, e cattedrali.
Suddenly I became aware of the noise of the river Rioni.