riot-control gas

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riot-control gas:

see poison gaspoison gas,
any of various gases sometimes used in warfare or riot control because of their poisonous or corrosive nature. These gases may be roughly grouped according to the portal of entry into the body and their physiological effects.
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; tear gastear gas,
gas that causes temporary blindness through the excessive flow of tears resulting from irritation of the eyes. The gas is used in chemical warfare and as a means for dispersing mobs.
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The United States, for example, permits the use of riot control agents when "civilians are used to mask or screen attacks" and "in rear echelon areas to protect convoys from civil disturbances, terrorists and paramilitary organizations.
Chapters are in sections on nerve agents, vesicant/urticant agents, toxic agents, incapacitation and riot control agents, and biological agents.
In the wake of the Moscow hostage incident, some CWC experts argued that the CWC only allows the use of riot control agents for domestic riot control purposes.