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(1) In vocal music of the 17th through early 18th centuries, short instrumental sections serving as introductions, intermezzi or codas. Sometimes a ritornello used as an introduction is repeated at the end of a piece as a coda. If the same ritornello is heard in the middle of a work as well as in the beginning and end, it may be referred to as a refrain. In modern Italian the terms “ritornello” and ripresa are synonyms.

(2) In dance music, the introductory and concluding sections.

(3) In ballet of the late 17th through early 18th centuries, an instrumental introduction to a dance.

(4) In poetry (especially Italian folk and medieval poetry) a special three-line stanza.

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XIII, The Grief of the Foolish Virgins, bears the instruction "Canto & 3 Violae", thus it is evident that in this ritornello and song three violas (string instruments) were employed, but it is also highly likely that "just" three violas played, accompanied by a keyboard instrument.
It is the same pondering ritornello that Zanetta and Orsola repeat daily in their adult lives.
Hide, whose 2,593 victories place him eighth in the all-time list of winningmost jockeys, was given special dispensation to miss school by his headmaster to take the mount on Ritornello.
The vast majority of solo movements are in the style of arias that begin with opening ritornellos, and when the voice enters with each line of the hymn text (to a melodic line not necessarily associated with the chorale), the chorale tune eventually emerges from the instrumental ensemble as a cantus firmus.
These popular Duecento forms of non-liturgical prayer and predication contaminate musica sacra (as it was epitomized by Gregorian plainchant) with elements of musica profana, such as the ritornello and the dialogized staging of spoken voices in the canzone da ballo.
Those performing will include the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno, Czech Virtuosi, Musica Florea, Hof-Musici, Ritornello, Tiburtina Ensemble and others.
Un senso di mistero povero e arcaico sovrasta poi Semiramide, ritratto di una maga di paese dall'epico nome rossiniano, con la figlia "dai piedi di capra", i pavoni che cantano nel giardino e una memorabile modulazione in minore nel ritornello.
From the freshly-phrased opening ritornello of La Primavera, and Jansen's first solo birdcalls, this was a reading that brilliantly restored the colour and imaginative richness of these hackneyed concertos.
Ascoltando una, due, tre volte quel ritornello nefasto, Gege, stremato, esplose in uno spontaneo quanto geniale: 'E a me che me ne 'mporta?
He also specialises in performance of early music, primarily in the Capella Regia and Ritornello ensembles.
This was because the ritornello structure of the fast movements typical for the Italian concerto developed throughout the 17th century in parallel in instrumental music and in the aria.
Per la strada un saxophone scommetto era lo stesso di quel di, col suo miagolio perfetto, quel ritornello intona li per li.