River Basin

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river basin

[′riv·ər ‚bās·ən]
The area drained by a river and all of its tributaries.

River Basin


the part of the earth’s surface that includes a layer of water-bearing rock from which waters flow into a separate river or river system. The basin of each river includes surface and underground drainage. A surface drainage area is a part of the earth’s surface from which waters flow into a given river system or river. Underground drainage areas are formed by masses of loose deposits from which the water flows into the river network. In general, surface and underground drainage areas do not coincide; however, since it is practically very complicated to determine the boundaries of an underground drainage area, the size of the river basin is taken to mean only the surface drainage area. Errors arising as a result of the arbitrary identification of the dimensions of a river basin with the surface drainage area may be essential only for small rivers and larger rivers flowing under geological conditions that favor good water exchange among neighboring basins (for example, a karst). The boundary between individual river basins runs along watershed divides.

Basins are divided into drained and undrained types. Undrained basins are intracontinental drainage regions that are not linked to the ocean by river basins. The forms and dimensions of basins are most varied and depend upon geographical position, topography, and the geological structure of the locality. The tributaries have their own small basins whose general confluence composes the area of the basin of the main river.


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Spain had to review and update all River Basin Management Plans on its territory by 22 December 2015 and to inform the Commission of these measures by 22 March 2016.
The forecast and warning system for the floods in the Sava River Basin consists of several models, the main and most complex of which is the joint hydrological model for the entire river basin and sub-basins of the Sava River, and the hydrological model of the Sava River and main tributaries and is entirely financed by the US Government, including LIDAR recording and the purchase of complete equipment.
The River Basin Control Office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources funded the formulation of the master plan for the three river basins.
The runoffs of Casecnan and Umiray-Angat transbasin tunnels also drain toward the Pampanga River basin.
In first approach, plotted points were enveloped by using creager's equation, developed for Danube River basin.
He said it was learnt during the visit that effective river basin management and restoration of wetlands can help significantly to mitigate flood risk being faced by Pakistan.
The joint venture plans to have access to and operate on Meritage's dedicated acreage in the Powder River Basin.
Of the four sites, the Upper Bukidnon River Basin has the highest coverage area at 446,620 hectares, while the Upper Chico River Basin covers 405,894 hectares, the Lake Lanao Watershed with 138,834 hectares and the Upper Wahig-Inabanga with 62,853 hectares.
The nine most populous river basins are in growing and fast-growing markets.
The expected scope of hydraulic fracturing in the Delaware River Basin and the prodigious water withdrawals for this process raise important questions and concerns about the cumulative impacts of natural gas exploration and drilling in the Basin.
The Authority Secretary General Musa Jamaani, who also chairs the Jordanian side at the Jordanian-Syrian Technical Committee for Yarmouk River Basin said two Jordanian and Syrian companies have discussed the technical steps to carry the Basin's study.
Papers from the conference look at engineering issues and current methods, offering a broad view of an integrated approach to river basin management within the framework of competing human demands, environmental problems, and national and international legislation.