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watercraft propelled by a steam engine or a steam turbine. Early Steam-powered Ships

Marquis Claude de Jouffroy d'Abbans is generally credited with the first experimentally successful application of steam power to navigation; in 1783 his Pyroscaphe
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Low-pressure engines had been adequate for pumps, factories, and Hudson River steamboats.
This article uses an 1841 confessional narrative of three free blacks, Amos Warrick, Charles Brown, and James Seward, and one slave, Madison Henderson, to examine how the Mississippi River steamboat culture impacted slave communities in the western region of the American South.
Part of its appeal lay in its familiar features, including an old- fashioned bus, a Wells Fargo coach and a river steamboat which have been saved
A fearless writer, Johnson's language is provocative, richly describing life on cotton plantations and Mississippi River steamboats, never letting the reader forget that people are at the center of the story.
Hill and Kittson then bought two Mississippi River steamboats, disassembled them, packed them on ox carts, and drove them across the prairie for reassembly and use on the Red River.
The Clermont's achievement sparked an increase in Hudson River steamboats, including many built under Fulton's supervision.
In addition to continued cleanups that attract thousands of volunteers, Living Lands and Rivers is growing and planting a million hardwood, nut-bearing trees to replace the ones absent since they were cut down to stoke the boilers of Mississippi River steamboats.
High Flutin -- The decorative, fancy flutes atop the stacks of river steamboats.
The businessmen of New York City and Philadelphia favored canals and river steamboats, but the merchants of Baltimore decided to build a railroad.
Born supposedly in "Black River country," he was employed in building railroads or as a roustabout on river steamboats.
Born supposedly in the " Black River country, " he was employed in the building of railroads or as a roustabout on river steamboats.
The assets include the Delta Queen Steamboat trademarks and logos plus the Mississippi Queen and Delta Queen, the classic American river steamboats.