coconut crab

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coconut crab:

see hermit crabhermit crab,
a crustacean distinguished from true crabs by its long, soft, spirally coiled abdomen terminating in an asymmetrically hooked tail. Most hermit crabs protect this vulnerable portion of their bodies by occupying the empty shells of periwinkles, whelks, and other
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Washington, November 18 ( ANI ): Using GPS technology, scientists have tracked 55 huge robber crabs on Christmas Island, south of Indonesia.
Nesting turtles, giant robber crabs and seabirds inhabit the islands, and towers of coral rise from the deep lagoons providing habitat for dense shoals of fish.
Robber crabs (Birgus latro) sometimes eat red crabs, but predation does not appear to regulate the adult population.
The huge red crabs everywhere on Christmas Island, including the golf course greens and occasionally he found the robber crabs.