Robert Clive

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Clive, Robert


Born Sept. 29, 1725, on the estate of Styche, Shropshire; died Nov. 22, 1774, in London. Administrator of the British Empire in India.

In 1757, Clive commanded the troops of England’s East India Company at the battle of Plassey, where the army of the nabob of Bengal was defeated and the Bengal region won for England. From 1757 to 1760 and again from 1765 to 1767, Clive was the British governor of Bengal. He introduced what was called the dual administration, whereby civil affairs remained in the competence of Bengali authorities and tax collection was taken over by the East India Company. Clive plundered the treasury of the nabob and accumulated a huge fortune. In 1773 a commission of Parliament investigated the question of Clive’s acquired riches, finding him innocent of wrongdoing and noting that he had “rendered great and meritorious services to his country.”

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Stringer Lawrence, the teacher of Robert Clive, won many a victory with you.
Robert Clive personifies these early adventurers who lived fast and died young, indulging in the parties, the free and easy sexuality and the plentiful alcohol.
Robert Clive (1725-1774), an army officer who later came to be known as Clive of India for his military exploits in India, had been handpicked to establish Britain's influence in the Indian Ocean.
After the crash, which limo driver Michael Walters witnessed, one of the firefighter's passengers, Robert Clive Marshall, 31, was dead and Ahmed's friend and employee Shazadul Karim, a 43-year-old father-of-two from Tremorfa, lay dying.
Following the exploits of several collectors of antiquities, such as Robert Clive, who extended British suzerainty from Calcutta, and the circus performer Giambattisa Belzoni, she complicates the notion of imperial chauvinism and challenges received wisdom about the way imperial expansion occurred in Asia and the Middle East.
Sir Robert Clive had also met the Count in India, where he was regarded as a supreme guru.
On December 24, 2003, the SEC announced that United States District Judge Robert Clive Jones of the District of Nevada issued a temporary restraining order freezing the assets of the defendants, prohibiting the destruction of documents, and granting expedited discovery.
Robert Clive Butler, aged 61, of Belgrave Road, Wyken, Coventry, assault by beating, community rehabilitation order for six months.
Robert Clive was born on September 29, 1725, at the family estate in the parish of Moreton Say, Shropshire.
District Judge Robert Clive Jones of the District of Nevada - sitting by designation in Phoenix - dismissed Frazier's third complaint with prejudice.