Robert Delaunay

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Delaunay, Robert

(rōbĕr` dəlōnā`), 1885–1941, French painter; husband of Sonia Delaunay-TerkDelaunay-Terk, Sonia
, 1885–1979, Russian painter and designer; wife of Robert Delaunay. Raised in St. Petersburg, she moved to Paris in 1905. With her husband, she developed orphism, a movement that strove for the harmonious mixture of colors.
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. By 1909, Delaunay had progressed from a neoimpressionist phase to cubismcubism,
art movement, primarily in painting, originating in Paris c.1907. Cubist Theory

Cubism began as an intellectual revolt against the artistic expression of previous eras.
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, applying cubist principles to the exploration of color. He immediately enlarged cubist themes to include the architecture of cities (e.g., La Ville de Paris, 1912; Musée d'Art moderne, Paris). He became a major figure in the movement Apollinaire termed orphismorphism,
a short-lived movement in art founded in 1912 by Robert Delaunay, Frank Kupka, the Duchamp brothers, and Roger de la Fresnaye. Apollinaire coined the term orphism
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. This amalgam of fauve color, futurist dynamism, and analytical cubism sought to emulate the rhythms but not the appearance of nature. Delaunay is most famous for his series of paintings of the Eiffel Tower; one of them is in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City.


See M. Hoog, Delauney (1977).

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Because Sonia was fluent in German, she and Robert Delaunay navigated the Berlin scene so well that Lyonel Feininger called the couple "almost scientific, an optical corporation" (90).
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It was a marriage of convenience but they shared a strange love and studied African and Egyptian art until she met Robert Delaunay and married him.
The deaccessioned works include paintings by Amadeo Modigliani, Camille Pissarro, Georges Rouault, Robert Delaunay and Max Beckmann; works on paper by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Patti Klee and Fernand Leger; and sculptures by Alberto Giacometti and Henry Moore.
Tan duro fue el trato recibido por el pintor que asumio su defensa un punado de intelectuales alemanes y franceses, como los pintores Fernand Leger y Robert Delaunay y el poeta simbolista Guillaume Apollinaire.
Thus, Apollinaire gives much more space to Seurat and the Douanier Rousseau than to Cezanne, and to Marie Laurencin than to Robert Delaunay.
Pentru mine, schimbarea o aduce in pictura de exemplu, Klee, el este avangarda din punctul meu de vedere, cubist este Robert Delaunay, mai profund decat Picasso.
Robert Delaunay, Fernand Leger, Albert Gleizes, and Juan Gris elaborated on Picasso and Braque's interpretation of Cubism, tailoring it to their own sensibilities.
Highlights include original elements from the foyer of the Strand Palace Hotel, London - restored especially for this exhibition, works from Ruhlmann's art deco Grand Salon, Cartier jewellery, paintings and sculpture by Fernand Leger, Sonia and Robert Delaunay and Constantin Brancusi, and fashion from designers Jeanne Lanvin, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaperelli and Madeleine Vionnet.
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The final works in the book are devoted to painters, many of whom, like Robert Delaunay, Cendrars knew well.
That the sewing of a baby blanket could become the foundation for launching a lifelong career--as an abstract Simultanist painter alongside her husband, Robert Delaunay and, later, an impresario of related fabric and fashion businesses--vividly demonstrates the prototypically twentieth-century possibilities--aesthetic, familial, com-mercial--she both exploited and helped to introduce.