Robert Fogel

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Fogel’, Robert Filippovich


Born Mar. 1, 1859, in Rzhishchev; died Feb. 27, 1920. Russian astronomer.

Fogel’ graduated from the University of Kiev in 1886. In 1893 he became a privatdocent at the university, and in 1899, a professor. In 1901 he was named director of the Kiev Astronomical Observatory. His major works were devoted to theoretical astronomy. In a series of studies devoted to the determination of planetary and cometary orbits, Fogel’ developed and expanded the classical methods for determining the orbits proposed by K. F. Gauss and H. W. Olbers.


Opredelenie elementov orbit po trem nabliudeniiam. Kiev, 1891.
“Opredelenie orbit malo-naklonennykh k ekliptike.” Universitetskie izvestiia, 1896, vol. 36, no. 2.
“O nevozmozhnosti trekh reshenii pri teoreticheski polnom opredelenii parabolicheskoi orbity.” Ibid., 1911, vol. 51, no. 5.
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The economics Nobel has already been awarded to a number of people who can be classified as behavioral economists, including George Akerlof, Robert Fogel, Daniel Kahneman, Elinor Ostrom, and me.
In the years since Zelizer first published her book, careful research by the late Nobel laureate Robert Fogel and other economists has demonstrated that life expectancies for those who survived childhood were falling after about 1840, as were adult heights, an indicator of health and nutrition.
Robert Fogel (1989; 194) observes "available evidence indicates that most manumissions during the late antebellum era were due to free Blacks who first purchased their relatives and then freed them.
After he shared the Nobel Prize with Robert Fogel in 1993, the Nobel ceremony in Sweden was full of pomp and importance.
While admirably endeavoring to show that slaves were more accomplished and talented than today's general public might think, he relies heavily and uncritically on Robert Fogel and Stanley Engerman's Time on the Cross [1974], Like the authors of that provocative and controversial study, Fleming posits that Southern white men rarely exploited enslaved women sexually.
Robert Fogel foi um dos pioneiros da cliometria com sua tese onde "comprovava" a pouca importancia das estradas de ferro para a economia norte-americana no seculo XIX atraves da construcao hipotetica de uma economia sem estradas de ferro, imaginada existir 60 anos apos a real introducao das ferrovias.
An NBER Conference "The Health Transition: A Conference in Memory of Robert Fogel," organized by NBER Research Associate Dora Costa of the University of California, Los Angeles, took place in Chicago on October 4, 2013.
Lukacs cites, for example, the emergence of quantitative history, exemplified by Robert Fogel and Stanley Engerman's promises of a "cliometric revolution" in their famed 1974 Time on the Cross, a book which gained much attention among economists and the public at large but has been mostly scorned by historians.
The idea of America turning into one big Detroit is not far-fetched when considering the prediction of the 1993 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Robert Fogel.
In 1900, a typical man was 5ft 6in but by 2000 he'd grown to a towering 5ft 10in, according to research by US economist Robert Fogel and his colleagues from all over the world.
FOR NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING economist, Robert Fogel, there scarcely are any limits for Chinas expected global economic hegemony.
Alexander then returns to twentieth-century America and the work of the economic historian, Robert Fogel, on the subject of slavery.