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Hawke, Bob

(Robert James Lee Hawke), 1929–, Australian statesman. A Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, he gained a reputation as a skillful labor mediator during his tenure at the Australian Council of Trade Unions, of which he eventually became president. He served as national president of the Labor party (1973–78) before being elected to Parliament in 1980. He became party leader in 1983 and following his party's electoral victory later that year won the first of three successive terms as prime minister. He sought to decrease Australia's dependence on the export of raw materials and make the nation more competitive internationally in manufactured goods. In Dec., 1991, Hawke lost a party leadership fight and a new Labor government was formed with Paul KeatingKeating, Paul,
1944–, Australian politician. A trade-union official and member of the Labor party, he was first elected to parliament in 1969. As federal treasurer (treasury minister) from 1983 to 1991 and deputy prime minister under Prime Minister Bob Hawke from 1990 to
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 as prime minister.
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Robert Hawke and local historian Windsor Robinson played a role in acquiring the seats for the museum.
As French Prime Minister, together with Australia's then Prime Minister Robert Hawke, I was responsible for proposing the Madrid protocol, which transformed the Antarctic into a natural reserve dedicated to peace and science for 50 years, renewable by tacit agreement.
Robert Hawke is also eager to get his hands on the money for his private experiments.
Inducted into the Hall of Fame for Extraordinary Achievement as educational contributors were former teachers Robert Hawke and the late Virginia Aldrich and Muriel Sutherland.
Robert Hawke, R-Gardner, who had admitted he did not have all the answers but would explore the issues from all sides and work with others to find solutions.
Robert Hawke, R-Gardner - so while he has not held elected office, he hardly considers himself new to the field.
Nancy and Robert Hawke have been collecting things for many years.