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He pursued wholly unrealistic efforts at mediation and in December 1916 almost embroiled the country with England until Secretary of State Robert Lansing toned down his proposed note.
Wilson's secretary of State, Robert Lansing, wondered ''what unit has he in mind'' and warned that ''certain phrases'' of Wilson's ''have not been thought out.
Gerald Strachan, Dundee A There were 30, 50-minute episodes of 87th Precinct made in 1961 starring Robert Lansing, Norman Fell and Gregory Walcott.
A genuine revelation in the work is Tucker's appraisal of Robert Lansing, Wilson's second secretary of state.
Riigisekretar Robert Lansing pohjendas, et Ameerika poliitika muutus poliitilistel, mitte ideoloogilistel pohjustel: see oli samm, mis norgendas vaenlast.
The original hit television drama series "The Equalizer" starred Edward Woodward and Robert Lansing and ran on CBS from 1985-1989.
Secretary of State Robert Lansing recognized the ambiguity inherent in the formulation: "When the President talks of self-determination, what unit does he have in mind?
The MGM family film range includes Namu The Killer Whale, based on a true story about a killer whale rescued by Robert Lansing.
Wilson's own Secretary of state Robert Lansing was shocked when his boss came out in favour of self-determination.
Television's "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues," will make a special guest appearance at a fan gathering called "Chrisfest," featuring celebrity talks, photo and autograph session, and an auction and raffle of special items, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Cancer Societies of America and Canada in memory of Robert Lansing, today and Sunday at the Holiday Inn, 150 E.
According to Robert Lansing, the Tribe's director of management information systems, one of the reasons the Tribe's government services dept.