Robinson, Lennox

Robinson, Lennox,

1886–1958, Irish dramatist. From 1910 to 1923 he was manager of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, and he served as director there from 1923 until his death. The comedy The White Headed Boy (1920) was his outstanding early success. His later dramas of Irish life, which include The Big House (1926) and Drama at Inish (1933; in America, Is Life Worth Living?), are characterized by a somber realism. He edited The Irish Theatre (lectures, 1939) and Lady Gregory's journals (1946), and he also wrote a study of W. B. Yeats (1939).


See his autobiography (1942).

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Chased by champion-elect Pasqual Pook and Jakob Robinson, Lennox was made to work hard to maintain the lead.