Robinson, b.

Robinson, “Sugar Ray” (b. Walker Smith, Jr.)

(1921–89) boxer; born in Detroit, Mich. Often considered, "pound for pound, the greatest boxer in history," he acquired his name by using a friend's birth certificate in order to fight while under the minimum age. He began boxing as an amateur in New York City and turned professional in 1940. He was the world welterweight champion (1946–51) and the world middleweight titleholder five different times; he was the first boxer ever to regain a world title after retiring; he won the first middleweight crown in 1951 with a knockout of Jake LaMotta, and the last title in 1958 against Carmen Basilio. With his quickness, balance, and grace, he posted a record of 174 victories (109 knockouts), 19 defeats, and six draws.