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Amy Dudley
Amy Robsart
Known for Death under mysterious circumstances

Robsart, Amy

(rŏb`särt), 1532–60, maiden name of the wife of Robert Dudley, later earl of LeicesterLeicester, Robert Dudley, earl of
, 1532?–1588, English courtier and favorite of Queen Elizabeth I. A younger son of John Dudley, duke of Northumberland, he was early brought into the society of Edward VI and Princess (later Queen) Elizabeth.
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, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I of England. When Lady Dudley was found dead at the foot of a staircase in Cumnor Hall, Berkshire, rumor had it that her husband had arranged her murder so that he might be free to wed the queen. An investigating jury returned a verdict of accidental death, but posterity has kept open the question of Leicester's involvement. A version of the story appears in Scott's novel Kenilworth.
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The walls were wainscoted half-way up, the wainscot being covered with green baize, the remainder with a bright- patterned paper, on which hung three or four prints of dogs' heads; Grimaldi winning the Aylesbury steeple-chase; Amy Robsart, the reigning Waverley beauty of the day; and Tom Crib, in a posture of defence, which did no credit to the science of that hero, if truly represented.
Clarke and the Duke of York, or Charles Fox sharing women with his friends, who would never have heard several centuries before about the Amy Robsart affair or the Somerset/Overbury murder scandal.
My uncle, according to documents, was born in Robsart Street, Everton.
PRODUCTION AND STOCKPILING OF AGGREGATE in the vicinity of Swift Current, Cypress, Cabri, Val Marie, Canuck, Burstall, Neidpath, Fox Valley, Govenlock, Cadillac, Climax, Eatonia, Gull Lake, Richmound, Robsart, Lac Pelletier, Leader, Hazlet, Loomis, Kincaid, Mankota, Claydon, Shaunavon, Rosenhof, Golden Prairie, Junction of Highway Nos.
Cavanagh examines how the untimely, suspicious death of Amy Robsart (the wife of Lord Robert Dudley) informs a twenty-first-century appetite for celebrity gossip.
Entre los manuscritos del archivo de Jorge Isaacs, depositados en la Biblioteca Nacional, la investigadora y escritora Maria Teresa Cristina encontro cuatro cuadernos con tres obras completas del teatro ignorado del autor vallecaucano: Amy Robsart, Maria Adrian y Paulina Lamberti.
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His first wife Amy Robsart died after a never-explained fall, he had an illegitimate child with another titled woman, and later married a titled widow who was barred from court by a jealous Queen Elizabeth I.
Perhaps the most famous episode in the castle's history is that recounted by Sir Walter Scott in Kenilworth: it revolves round the life and tragic death of Amy Robsart, secretly married to Elizabeth I's favourite, the Earl of Leicester.
99 THIS mix of detective story and historical scholarship tells the story of Queen Elizabeth I, her favourite courtier Robert Dudley and Amy Robsart - the unwanted wife.
When he and Amy Robsart join a group of players on the road to Kenilworth Castle, Dickie Sludge is already among them, dressed appropriately enough as a devil.
Death and the Virgin: Elizabeth, Dudley and the Mysterious Fate of Amy Robsart.