Rockefeller Center

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Rockefeller Center,

complex of buildings in central Manhattan, New York City, between 48th and 51st streets and Fifth Ave. and the Ave. of the Americas (Sixth Ave.). The project was sponsored by John D. RockefellerRockefeller, John Davison,
1839–1937, American industrialist and philanthropist, b. Richford, N.Y. He moved (1853) with his family to a farm near Cleveland and at age 16 went to work as a bookkeeper.
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, Jr., with fourteen of the buildings built between 1931 and 1939. These include the 70-story Comcast Building, or 30 Rockefeller Plaza, formerly known as the GE (General Electric) Building (1988–2015) and the RCA (Radio Corp. of America) Building (1933–88). The Time-Life Building, or 1271 Ave. of the Americas (built 1960–61), the most recent addition to the group, extended the center's boundaries west of the Ave. of the Americas. The buildings house offices, shops, restaurants, exhibition rooms, broadcasting studios, and the opulently Art Deco Radio City Music Hall, New York City's largest theater. Five of the western buildings of Rockefeller Center in the broadcasting and entertainment section are known as Radio City. Many sculptors and painters are represented in the decoration of the buildings and grounds. Paul ManshipManship, Paul Howard,
1885–1966, American sculptor, b. St. Paul, Minn., studied at St. Paul Institute of Arts, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the American Academy at Rome. He often went to classical mythology for his subjects.
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 designed the Prometheus of the central fountain, which overlooks an outdoor skating rink and mall.


See studies by C. Krinsky (1978), W. Karp (1982), and D. Okrent (2003).

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A to-scale replica of the Swarovski Star will also be on display in Rockefeller Center to allow visitors the opportunity to get a closer view of the detailing and craftsmanship.
About 75,000 workers helped construct the original 14 buildings of the Rockefeller Center complex, completed from 1931 to 1940, during the Great Depression.
The retail at 75 Rock is an unbelievable opportunity to establish a world-class northern anchor to Rockefeller Center," said Spiegelman.
The 75-year-old Norway Spruce, which has been decorated with 30,000 lights and a Swarovski crystal star was donated by a Pennsylvania family who said they always knew their tree was Rockefeller Center worthy.
The Rockefeller Group has been involved in the development and management of several marquee properties in the United States, including New York City's Rockefeller Center.
Swarovski scored a high-end -- literally -- deal with Tishman Speyer Properties, co-owners of Rockefeller Center, to provide a focal point on perhaps the best known Christmas Tree in the world, providing it with the perfect opportunity to boost its brand name here in the United States.
Rockefeller Center was sold in 2000, long after the family's interest moved to construction of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers.
There's a voluptuous pleasure in his assaults on projects like Rockefeller Center and the 1939 New York World's Fair.
Chase Manhattan recently announced a $1 billion quarter loss and 5,000 impending layoffs, and last year, a Japanese developer bought a majority interest in Rockefeller Center.
The Rockefeller Center solar installation is the largest privately owned solar energy generation station in Manhattan and the GE manufactured panels, installed by Tishman Speyer, through altPOWER, will help reduce the building's electricity consumption.
600 Fifth Avenue at Rockefeller Center is a top location that will help further establish ECBA's presence in the Midtown marketplace, while giving them the room to grow and recruit top talent," said Revson.
And for most people from California who have missed out on the wonder of skating outdoors, this winter's event should bring a little flavor of Rockefeller Center or New York's Central Park right here under the California stars.