Rocky Mountain House

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Rocky Mountain House,

town (1991 pop. 5,461), S central Alta., Canada, at the foot of the Rocky Mts. and the confluence of the North Saskatchewan and Clearwater rivers. Founded in 1799 as a fortified post of the North West Company in Blackfoot country and known as Blackfoot post, it was taken over (1821) and operated by the Hudson's Bay Company until 1875. It is now the gateway to a big-game hunting area.
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Sometimes he traded his fur catch to the Hudson's Bay Company at Rocky Mountain House, sometimes he took it to the Hudson's Bay Company at Edmonton, and sometimes he traded it to a half-breed trader named Isiah Laboucane, who operated a small trading post at Buck Lake and another trading post at Battle Lake near to the northwest corner.
Contractor address : Range Rd 70, Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 1A7,
While I was in Alberta in early August, I dropped in at Memorial, Rocky Mountain House, where I was a summer student in 1984.
Mayer will be meeting with representatives from Peace River, Grande Prairie, Hinton, Rocky Mountain House, St.
This year's icy conditions have claimed at least three lives in the northeast of Rocky Mountain House, Alta.
Youth in Edmonton, Rocky Mountain House, and Fort McMurray, will take part in this six month dialogue, which will include visits with local Elders and community agencies to engage the youth in learning about the history of their community and developing an understanding of community relations.
Also receiving an award at the ceremony was Joyce Ritchie of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, who is a home care nurse at the Kiska Wapton Bighorn First Nation.
Robert Erskine bred roses at his farm near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.
He was born in Calgary but grew up in Rocky Mountain House and worked at the family-owned newspaper after school, doing odd jobs in the printing plant.
My enthusiasm for the fur trade was spawned by my interest in the path finders and explorers of 18th and 19th century Canada," Korsos says, and "I have visited every site from Rocky Mountain House to Present Day Elk Point, Alberta.
Gibot was living in Rocky Mountain House, which is close to Red Deer, Alta.
From Fort Nelson in northern British Columbia to Rocky Mountain House in central Alberta to the vast Tintina Trench region in the southern Yukon and over east to Yellowknife on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, the landscape is under siege.

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