Rocky Mountain elk

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Rocky Mountain elk:

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, large North American deer, Cervus canadensis, closely related to the Old World red deer. It is commonly called elk in America although the name elk is used in Europe to refer to the moose.
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On the last Monday in September we took the drive over to Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch and I was stunned again at the beauty of the place.
Development of predictive models of nutritional condition for Rocky Mountain elk.
Photographer Schelvan, founder of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, provides not only the images but also the brief introduction, section text, and afterword to this book, which is composed primarily of full-page color photographs, arranged according to season.
The ranch, owned and operated until recently by veterinarian Rex Rammell, has been home to a herd of hundreds of prized Rocky Mountain elk.
Fourteen states and two Canadian provinces have reported chronic wasting disease, which strikes mule deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, and occasionally moose.
Still, "hunting remains incredibly popular," according to The Wall Street Journal, with more than 14 million people hot to blow away animals from squirrels to Rocky Mountain elk and fowl from doves to ducks.
Other partners were the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, No-Dak Sportsmen's Club, the state chapter of The Wildlife Society, and Prairie Pothole Partners.
In the first of a multi-year planting project with AMERICAN FORESTS--and this year also with help from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation--officials plan to plant 26,400 trees on sites damaged by fire or used as a mine.
Other partners were the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, NoDak Sportsmen's Club, the state chapter of The Wildlife Society, and Prairie Pothole Partners.
The "mainstream" land trust movement includes all local, state, and regional land trusts and conservancies so named, as well as national groups like the American Farmland Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, etc.
During this 14-yr period, 177 Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) were trapped and translocated from Yellowstone National Park, a private reserve in South Dakota, and a private reserve in Monroe County, PA to various release sites within the state.
For a good cause: The San Fernando Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) is hosting its sixth annual charity banquet at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 21433 Strathern Street in Canoga Park, on Saturday, Feb.

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