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, city (1990 pop. 80,207), capital of Tekirdağ prov., NW Turkey, on the Sea of Marmara. It is a small port and an agricultural trade center. It was known in ancient times as Bisanthe and as Rhaedestus and later as Rodosto.
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Lo que he dicho vale enteramente para los dos primeros tercios de Loba No puedo dejar de referir la variacion que se impone a la novela a partir del capitulo 54, con la irrupcion de un ser sobrenatural, el Unicornio, en el puerto de Rodosto.
In another poem, the witty verb rodostokolunk is introduced, which is a combination of Rodosto (Prince Francis Rakoczi's place of exile) and rostokolni (staying somewhere, falling behind).
France has staged a counterpart to the British mile colts' Classic since 1883, and several stallions, from Hermit down to Blushing Groom, have recorded victories in both races, but until the weekend the only year when one horse managed to double up was 1933, when Epinard's son Rodosto added the Poulains to the Guineas he had won 18 days earlier.