Rogozhskii Chronicle

Rogozhskii Chronicle


a 15th-century Russian chronicle compilation, discovered by N. P. Likhachev in the late 19th century in the manuscript collection of the Rogozhskii cemetery in Moscow.

The Rogozhskii Chronicle includes material from compilations varying in origin and political orientation. It encompasses events from the original settlement of the Slavs until 1412. The first part of the chronicle, which covers the years up to 1288, is similar to the Chronicle of Avraamka and the Chronicle of Bishop Paul, and like them has its origin in a brief extract from the Novgorod Sofia Chronicle of the 1430’s. The second part, which covers the years from 1289 through 1327, is similar in content to the Tver’ Codex. The third part, covering 1328 through 1374, is a compilation of the Tver’ Chronicle and a chronicle similar to the Simeon Chronicle. The fourth part, covering the period from 1375 through 1412, is similar to the Simeon Chronicle.

The Rogozhskii Chronicle contains unique entries, particularly for the 14th century. They were not rewritten with a pro-Muscovite bias, and consequently elucidate the political development of the Russian lands from the viewpoint of the Tver’ chroniclers.


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13) This according to the mid-15th-century Rogozhskii Chronicle.