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The process by which a magma redissolves previously crystallized minerals.
Absorption or, less commonly, adsorption of material by a body or system from which the material was previously released.



(1) In physiology, repeated assimilation; the same as absorption.

(2) In pathology and pathological physiology, the same as resolution. In cases of leukoses, for example, resorption of the bone develops very intensively and is accompanied by rarefaction and the complete resolution of the bony frame.

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Another disadvantage of zinc-oxide eugenol paste is that it results in problems with the coming permanent tooth and causes wastes in the tissues following the deciduous tooth since it is not resorbed in accordance with the root resorption (41,42).
Root resorption is physiologic in deciduous teeth but is considered to be pathological in permanent teeth.
Volumetric measurement of root resorption following molar mini-screw implant intrusion using cone beam computed tomography.
3, 9) Of these effects, the most commonly attributed to orthodontic treatment is external root resorption.
The external root resorption can be transitory or progressing.
Comparison of cone-beam computed tomography and periapical radiography for detecting simulated apical root resorption Angle Orthod.
Teeth with broken roots, serious defects, and root canal fillings, posts, and crown restorations and teeth with signs of root resorption were excluded from the study.
Transplantation can also be opted in cas- es like tooth agenesis (premolars and lateral inci- sors), traumatic tooth loss, canine atopic erup- tion, root resorption (body of the cells attack and destroy a part of a tooth), large endodontic lesions, cervical root fractures, and localized ju- venile periodontitis.
Ameloblastomas in the mandible can progress to great size & cause facial asymmetry, displacement of teeth, loose teeth, malocclusion, root resorption, pathologic fractures, etc.
Recently, the histological conditions of the primary teeth pulp in physiological root resorption were analyzed, and the expression of proteins in the ECM of pulp tissue was described.
Other topics covered during the first day of the meet also included state of the art mini-implants, how to avoid root resorption, and invisible first-lingual appliances for complex treatment.